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About Website Links Count Checker

As the name suggests, the Website links Counter checker is an efficient tool. It counts the amount of external and internal links on the webpage. Thus a webmaster or whoever owns the site can determine the number of links present on the webpage. The tool displays a total number of links, internal links, and external links of the webpage.

Linking too many Internal and external hyperlinks results in a low-quality webpage. So the webmaster must check the quality of links posted. To rank high on a search engine, add more quality content with external and internal links. Ensure that there are high-quality links to improve your webpage visitors.

The Website links Counter checker is beneficial to improve Seo traffic. This tool's main aim is to scan all the external and internal variety of links on a certain web page. Along with that, it shows the entire count of links within a specific webpage. If the external links do not appear on the webpage, it shows 0 and only shows the number of internal links existing.

Free SEO Tool offers this tool free of cost with no limitations to use this tool. It's very practical for SEO guys, site owners, or webmasters to examine the web page links. On average, the outside links within the page should be around 2-3 links for every 100 words of content. But if the links are over the average, it contributes to the collapse of rank.

The tool helps identify the links to get all necessary info on the links to count. Also, check here using Link Price Calculator how much price of the link.

Link Building is the key SEO factor and many catchy parts of SEO achievement. All you have to follow guidelines to make link building with both types of links. It will have a good impact on search engine ranking.

The tool gets designed to recognize both external and internal links. If your content is less and having more internal links will affect your SEO rankings. Thus, make sure to keep the right amount of links to improve visibility in search engines.

If your site has too many replicate links, then there is a chance to decrease your natural rankings. So get up to repeated links and use unique links to gain genuine authority for your website.