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About URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting Tool converts dynamic URLs into static ones. Our URL rewrite module helps you in this conversion. Site owners use an online URL Redirect Generator because it saves them time and effort. Plus, it assists in improving Search Engine Optimisation as well.

What are Dynamic URLs?

Dynamic URLs are long Strings of characters. It includes +, +,%, etc.. Dynamic URLs will change over time.

What are Static URLs?

Static URLs do not run in a long string of characters. They are shorter compared to dynamic URLs, and they don't alter with time.

SEO Professionals convert their Dynamic URLs into Static URLs. The shorter URLs are easier to remember and bookmark due to their unchanging nature. Additionally, Static URLs get preferred over Dynamic URLs by search engines. It helps with your website's SEO.

If individual pages on your website still have Dynamic URLs, you need to check them down. You can convert them into Static URLs with help from the free URL Rewriting Tool.