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Server Status is the Status of your Server, as it is evident from the title. It's set through Http or Https response from your website is OK or not. When it's not, it means your server may down or not responding at present.

Our Tool is completely simple, straightforward, and is free to use. You are always only two steps apart from checking the server status. Sometimes you may receive a pop-up containing an error,' Please provide at least 1 valid URL'. So, what does this means? It means that the URL that you entered is either incorrect.

Or you didn't provide response kind, HTTP or HTTPS, etc., with URL. So, keep in mind that you need to enter a full URL. You can copy the URL from a browser right and paste it from the box. The Tool enhances the capacity of checking many URLs at the same time with only one click. You will find a status record for each one of the URLs. Let's try this today!

Server Status Checker is essential to Check site ranking. Our helpful Tool can help you to find the status of your favorite site. It'll let you know whether the server of your site is offline or online. It is an efficient tool that every webmaster should use daily.

This tool generates a report in tabular form. If the status is"200", then it indicates the website is online. In case it indicates "500," It means the website is offline because of a server problem.

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