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What is a Broken Link Finder?

The broken link finder is an online tool that you do not need to set up in your computer system. It's available through any specific browser. You want the web address of an internet portal where this service can get obtained. The broken link finder tool is capable of identifying the links from an entire domain.

For small sites, it's not a big deal to identify which page isn't functioning. But not with the massive size sites with enormous data to process. Without giving any prior information, you might lose a large customer base. Many websites are providing the support of broken link checking. There's a list of online portals that you may get without paying any subscription fees.

A few websites might charge a subscription fee, but you need to go together with our free SEO tools; if someone asks for money or requests to fill the subscription form, jump to a different one. It is an advanced tool customized for its ease of SEO experts.